Copywriting for Startups

self-driven entrepreneur?
you're unstoppable.

For you, success is the only option, and 'failure' isn't in your vocabulary.

Now your product's ready for launch: the marketing budget and plan are there. But it's all riding on the words you use to define and position it.

You can hire a big-name agency for the content - if you want to blow your marketing budget real fast. And deal with all that corporate hierarchy and those waste-of-time meetings.

Or you can go the smarter route: work one-on-one with a startup copywriter who speaks your innovation language - who can bring your innovation to the world. And link you with boutique design agencies for your visuals.

Because Your Copy Is Your Ambassador to the World

Don't entrust your marketing copy to a mainstream agency who sees you as an account. And specially if you're still bootstrapping, don't risk writing it on your own without consulting an expert freelance copywriter - specially when I offer entrepreneurs like you flexible payment plans and do all work online - no meetings, no hassle, just progress and delivery. Whether you need a few paragraphs or a whole website to define and position your startup, I can help.

High-Performance, High-Efficiency

Building a brand is one of the hardest startup challenges. It doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen without the right words. And your marketing content has to fit your identity like a glove. If you have a vision and budget, then you have a marketing ally in me.

Leverage my copy to:

ü Present a crispier pitch deck to investors

ü Generate awareness about your products

ü Go from stating facts to inspiring actions

ü Change the industry market conversation

ü Turn commodities and services into icons