Copywriting Glossary

Copywriting terms to know when hiring a freelance copywriter

Types of Copywriters

Advertising copywriter: Copywriter who writes ads that create brand awareness, build brand image, and secure the target’s focus away from competitors.

Marketing copywriter: Copywriter who writes copy that response to a market need for the product or service

Sales copywriter: Copywriter who write copy that sells the product or service by focusing on its benefits

Branding copywriter: Copywriter who writes copy that defines and builds a brand’s identity

Off-site copywriter: Copywriter who writes for companies from an off-site location rather than in their own offices

Project-based copywriter: Copywriter who works with clients on a freelance project basis in line with their needs

Strategic copywriter: Copywriter who writes copy that strategically reflects and integrates with the brand identity and objectives.

Copywriting Elements

Headline: The all-important title that constitutes the first line read and the line that grabs enough interest to secure further reading

Benefits: The advantages of a product or service to the end user

Features: The distinctive characteristics of the product or service being sold

Mechanism: An explanation of how the product or service works

Web-optimized copy (SEO copy): Copy that is optimized for online visibility and traffic through search engines

Targeted copy: Copy that is written to meet the client’s specific objective and target market

Emotional Hook: The emotional element that connects the copy with its target reader

Call-to-action (CTA): An instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response

Trajectory: The path followed by the main character in the brand story