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to geek or not to geek?

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 tech giant or tech startup with game-changing data solutions or services, there’s one question your marketing team must answer: to geek or not to geek?

Your products and platforms deploy tech so new it’s still in the making, but at least part of your market doesn’t speak “geek”. Yet you have to explain your technology solutions' benefits, features and value in terms everyone understands, and from a fresh objective perspective your in-house team won't have. Enter the freelance technology copywriter…

The Role of a Technology Copywriter

A technology copywriter doesn't have to be specialized in technology (actually it's better if they're not techies so that the copy doesn't sound like gibberish to non-tech-savvy readers). Instead, the role of the technology copywriter is to translate tech talk into meaningful uses and benefits that fit right into the target market's existing needs. Event better, a copywriter who also happens to be a savvy tech industry content editor can solve tough marketing content challenges.

Reader-Friendly Content for New Tech Industries

Emerging and rapidly growing tech industries need a marketing voice that speaks both languages: geek and English. Smart tech startups and Fortune 500 digital technology companies leverage - B2B and B2C - such "bilingual" technology content to:

Build a sustainable digital brand identity

Market SaaS solutions and data consulting services

Gain an online user base in their niche market

Differentiate their data solutions from competitors

Why Digital Industries Need the Right Content

  • Big Data - To explain the value of big data solutions in simple terms
  • Internet of Things - To market game-changing IoT solutions and services
  • Artificial Intelligence - To convey the possibilities of AI powered technology
  • DevOps Monitoring - To capture the benefits of data insight seamlessly delivered

Freelance Technical Content Editor

You've put together a brilliant team of developers and engineers, and now you need a technical content editor to ensure your developer content is concise, compelling, and consistent. If you're serious about capturing and communicating your competitive edge, and about optimizing your content for SEO, you can't afford to have content that is weak, inaccurate, bloated, and riddled with typos.

A freelance technical content editor is responsible for the overall quality of content, able to dive into the details and see the big picture. This involves a responsibility to the reader, writer, and client.

So where do you find a reliable freelance tech editor who can sync with your workflow and one's who's familiar with GitHub and Slack? The answer is: right here. Fill out the contact form and let's get started with perfecting your content.

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